Leading through innovations

SPL is developing customer solutions to transform the linen services industry which are focussed on improving customer experience. Our significant investment in technology will ultimately help our customers manage their linen spend with greater transparency and assist us in delivering higher quality and improved inventory management.
We also continue to invest in solutions that minimise our impact on the environment by reducing demand for water, gas and electricity, across all our plants.

Water Recycling & Blue Ocean

Our plants are designed with environmental sustainability in mind whilst achieving the smallest carbon footprint possible. SPL recovers our water through recycling treatment systems at each of our locations. The Blue Ocean systems across our plants nationally recycle water used in the washing process saving hundreds of thousands of litres every year and reducing our impact on the environment.


Linen supplied to our customers for many years now has included a small RFID chip. This chip is the key to unlocking enormous potential for both SPL and our customers by simplifying and automating many aspects of the linen supply chain. So, after years of investment, data collection, auditing, testing and trials, the functionality of RFID will progressively be introduced from mid-2021 to help us create a new Managed Linen Service. The technology integrates across our linen inventory, monitoring the lifecycle and health of each piece of linen from purchasing, through daily use, to end of life. Our system identifies and records linen and laundry trolleys, each time they pass an SPL calibrated reader. This enables us to monitor linen quality, age, where it was last used and where it needs to go next, while also significantly improving traceability for health or quality purposes.