Your towels need TLC, too 

They say the most sustainable wardrobe is the one you already own, well we feel the same about linen. Cared for properly, everyday linens like your bath towels can live a little longer, stay a little softer and remain as absorbent as their first day of use. Here’s a few of our tips for taking care of your towels. 

SH: What do we want? Soft, long-lasting towels. How do we get it? With proper care. B: Treating towels with a little TLC is not only good for the environment, but it saves you money as well. Our experience as Australia’s industry-leading, commercial laundry provider we feel gives us a little credibility to share advice … Continued

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Between the Sheets with Tina Ly 

Meet Tina, our Production Manager. Tina has been with us for over 16 years and though we know her well, we wanted to get even closer and hear more about her time at SPL.

16 years ago, Tina began her first shift in the full dryer loading area at our Northcote location. Today, she works as our Production Manager at Broadmeadows. We asked Tina to take us back. 16 years is a long time for any business, especially a growing one like ours, and we were sure she’d seen … Continued

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